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1" Suction, 3/4" Discharge
First Filter:
TT75S-8-10B - 10μm β1000
Second Filter:
TT75S-6B - 6μm β1000
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TTFC-5A Portable Filter Cart: Your Ultimate Hydraulic Filtration Solution

Whether you're aiming for decontamination, fluid transfer, or equipment protection, this filter cart is your steadfast companion.


  • Pump/Motor: 5GPM – 115V 60hZ 1PH
  • Connectors: Suction 1” ISO B – Discharge ¾” ISO B

Replacement Microglass 8” Length Spin-On Filters

  • TT75S-8-3B 3µm Buna Seal
  • TT75S-8-6B 6µm Buna Seal
  • TT75S-8-12B 12µm Buna Seal
  • TT75S-8-25B 25µm Buna Seal

Water Removal Microglass 8” Length Spin-On Filter

  • TT75S-8-25CWA 25µm 15oz Water Holding Capacity

Construction Materials

  • Frame: Carbon steel
  • Fittings: Zinc plated steel, stainless steel, brass
  • Pumps: Aluminum, steel
  • Hoses: Clear PVC with steel wire
  • Gaskets: Buna-N

Standard Features

  • Dial pressure gauges
  • Pop-up filter replacement indicators
  • Manual filter bypass
  • Minimess® sample valve
  • Y Strainer
  • UL listed motor, and electricals
  • 1” and 3/4” hoses

Invest with Confidence:

Your investment in the TTFC-5A-B is not just a purchase; it's a statement of excellence. Upholding our commitment to quality, this hydraulic oil filter cart is fortified by a 1-year warranty. This assurance ensures that your investment is safeguarded, granting you peace of mind as you embark on a journey of enhanced maintenance practices.