TTI Breathers

TTI PowerBreather: Protects lubricants and equipment from moisture and particulate intrusion. Extends service cycles and equipment life resulting in lower lifetime operating costs.

Materials Body: ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene, Buna. Moisture Absorbing Media: Silica Gel Filter. Media: Polyester, Polyurethane. Filter Efficiency: 3 Micron Absolute. Operating temperatures: -20 F to 200 F -29 C to 93 C.

Performance: The TTI Breather offers significant performance improvements over other leading desiccant breathers. Value add features: Multiple head-to-head tests with leading competitors demonstrate that TTI PowerBreatherTM Silica Gel averages nearly 20% more moisture holding capacity than other leading brands. The increased body length of the TTI PowerBreatherTM allows for 10% more volume of our silica gel when compared to leading competitors