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1" Suction, 3/4" Discharge
First Filter:
TT75S-8-10B - 10μm β1000
Second Filter:
TT75S-8-6B - 6μm β1000
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TTI Filter Cart TTFC-2A-N - 2GPM-115V-60Hz -  The system  include: 10µm Primary and 6µm Secondary Microglass Media Filter Elements - 1" Inlet and 3/4" Outlet Connectors - Clear PVC with steel wire hoses.

 A portable filtration solution for decontaminating systems and transferring oils.

Filter oils up to ISO VG 680 at 40C /104F

Filter Applications                                                                       

• Clean-up of contaminated systems          

• Treatment of new or repaired systems     

• Pre-filtration of new oil                           

• Directly transfer oil without exposing it to contaminants.                                                                        

   Standard Features   

• Dial pressure gauges

• Pop-up filter replacement indicators 

• Manual filter bypass  

• Minimess® sample valve 

• Y Strainer

   Customizable Features

• Fluid flow rate: 2GPM

• Hose connectors: ISO-A, ISO-B, MNPT

• Microglass Filters: Beta 1000, (3µm,6µm,10µm, 25µm, Water Removal)

Accepts the following Spin-On filter replacement:

 Model                    Length                  Rating

TT75S-8-1B              11"                      1 micron

TT75S-8-3B              11"                      3 micron

TT75S-8-6B              11"                      6 micron

TT75S-8-12B            11"                      10 micron

TT75S-8-25B            11"                      25 micron

Water Removal Elements

TT75S-8-25CWAB    11"