1006 - Bypass Filter/Element | Royac

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Fluid Type:
Lube, Gear
Service Sump Size:
16-250 Gallons
Oil Viscosity:
220, 320
Oil Weight:
SAE 50
Make-Up Oil Required (Quarts):
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1006 Harvard Depth Filter Element 

Product Overview:

Elevate the purity of your oils with the Harvard Depth Filter Element Model 1006, engineered to meticulously eliminate particles and water contaminants down to 1 micron without stripping away essential additives.

This filtration unit showcases a compact design, with dimensions of 19.75 inches in height and a diameter of 7.5 inches, ensuring a seamless fit into your existing setup.


Designed for the high demands of lubrication management, the Model 1006 is your go-to solution for filtering:

  • Gear Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • Other oil-based lubricants of high viscosity

Compatibility with Oil Viscosities:

For optimal performance, the Model 1006 is recommended for use with lubricants of the following viscosities:

  • ISO viscosity grades: 220, 320
  • SAE viscosity grade: 50

Performance Capacity and Flow Rates:

This filtration system is designed for efficiency and capacity, requiring 20 Quarts (18.9 Liters) of make-up fluid to accommodate a broad range of sump sizes from 16 to 250 Gallons (60.6 to 946.4 Liters). It efficiently handles:

  • Lubrication systems: 16-22 Gallons (60.6-83.3 Liters)
  • Gear systems: 151-250 Gallons (571.6-946.4 Liters)

Technical Specifications:

  • Filtration efficiency: Beta3=250
  • Maximum operating pressure: 80 PSI


The unit measures 19.75 inches in height and 7.5 inches in diameter, optimizing space and efficiency.

Important Considerations:

Please note that factors such as viscosity, operating temperature, and levels of contamination can influence the sizing and flow rates of this filtration equipment. For most applications, it is advised to replace the filtration elements every 500 to 1000 hours of operation, or when the pressure nears 50 PSI, to maintain optimal filtration performance.