TTFC-10A - Portable Filter Cart | Royac

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1" Suction, 3/4" Discharge
First Filter:
TT75S-8-10B - 10μm β1000
Second Filter:
TT75S-8-6B - 6μm β1000
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Portable Filter Cart TTFC-10A-N - 10GPM-115V-60Hz: Your Portable Hydraulic Filtration Solution

Step into the world of cutting-edge maintenance with the TTFC-10A-N Portable Filter Cart. Designed as a pinnacle of portable off-line filtration, this hydraulic oil filtration cart system redefines how you care for your equipment and fluids. Whether it's enhancing the longevity of your machinery, ensuring peak performance, or safeguarding fluid purity, this filter cart stands as a reliable partner for all your maintenance needs.

Portable Off-Line Filtration Excellence:

This ingenious system empowers you to take control of equipment health and fluid purity, all while on the move. Its compact design allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your maintenance routine, making it an indispensable tool for any industry.

Hydraulic Filtration Redefined:

Its advanced filtration technology is tailored to tackle the demands of hydraulic systems, effectively removing contaminants that could compromise the efficiency and longevity of your equipment. With this cart, you're not just filtering oil – you're ensuring your machinery operates at its best.

Peak Performance, Every Time:

Witness peak performance with every use. Its robust filtration process guarantees that your hydraulic oil is free from impurities that could hinder optimal functionality. By maintaining clean and pure oil, this cart maximizes the efficiency of your equipment, allowing it to perform at its peak potential.

Fluid Purity at Your Fingertips:

Experience fluid purity like never before. This filtration cart empowers you to take charge of fluid cleanliness, ensuring that contaminants are eradicated before they can harm your machinery. From suspended particles to harmful debris, this cart leaves no room for compromise when it comes to fluid purity.

A Commitment to Versatility:

Versatility is at the core of the TTFC-10A-N's design. Its portable nature allows you to adapt it to a variety of applications across industries. Whether it's construction, manufacturing, or transportation, this filter cart system seamlessly integrates into your workflow, providing efficient and reliable maintenance wherever you go.

Invest with Confidence:

Investing in the TTFC-10A-N is an investment in excellence. This system is designed to surpass industry standards, offering you peace of mind and confidence in your maintenance endeavors. With every use, you're taking a step towards enhanced equipment health and prolonged machinery life.

Seamless Integration with Micron Ratings:

The TTFC-10A-N seamlessly integrates with various micron ratings, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose the level of filtration that matches your needs. From capturing larger particles to fine-tuning purity, this system allows you to tailor your maintenance approach.