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TTI Power Breather CV Series: Elevate Your Machinery's Safety and Efficiency


Discover the revolutionary TTI Power Breather CV Series, engineered to boost your equipment's lifespan and performance dramatically.

This innovative device is the ultimate guardian against moisture and contamination, ensuring your machinery operates flawlessly.

Understanding the Desiccant Breather:

The Desiccant Breather CV Series transcends traditional breather caps, offering a holistic approach to contamination control, moisture regulation, and particulate prevention.

Adopting this advanced solution not only protects your equipment but also maximizes its efficiency and durability.

 Key Advantages:

  • Superior Performance: The TTI Power Breather CV Series introduces cutting-edge check valve technology, ensuring clean air access while blocking contaminants. It's enhanced with silica gel, renowned for its moisture absorption capabilities, offering unparalleled protection against moisture.
  • Increased Contaminant and Moisture Retention: This breather excels in trapping approximately 20% more moisture and dirt than similar devices, significantly reducing maintenance frequency and extending machinery life.
  • Innovative Check Valve Technology: Tailored for a wide array of machinery, including hydraulic systems, oil tanks, and transformers, the advanced check valves are pivotal in averting particulate contamination, safeguarding your equipment against detrimental elements.

Wide-Ranging Applications:

The TTI Power Breather shines across diverse settings:

  • High Humidity Areas: Exceptional performance in moisture-rich environments.
  • Washdown Zones: Offers superior protection for equipment subjected to water during cleaning.
  • Hydraulic Systems & Oil Tanks: Prevents moisture and dirt ingress, ensuring system integrity.
  • Storage Totes/Drums: Keeps large container contents dry and uncontaminated.
  • Diesel Fuel Tanks: Guards against moisture and particulates, preserving fuel quality.
  • Transformers: Essential for maintaining optimal electrical component health.


Enhancing Your Machinery:

Opting for the TTI Power Breather CV Series as a replacement for older breathers is a strategic upgrade, promising not only to prolong your equipment's operational life but also to generate significant cost efficiencies over time.


TTI Power Breather - CV Series - Dimensions           

Standard      Connection                                      Height    Width   Moisture Ret.                         

TT-BB-CV     3/8” Sure-Fit (FNPT, FBSPP, FNPSM)        4.14"     2.54"       1.0 fl oz

TT-1-CV        3/8” Sure-Fit (FNPT, FBSPP, FNPSM)        5.59"     2.54"       2.0 fl oz

TT-2-CV        1” Sure-Fit (FNPT, FBSPP, FNPSM)           6.11"      4.10"      4.8 fl oz

TT-3-CV        1” Sure-Fit (FNPT, FBSPP, FNPSM)           8.28"     4.10"      8.9 fl oz

TT-4-CV        1” Sure-Fit (FNPT, FBSPP, FNPSM)         10.38"     4.10"    14.3 fl oz