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TTI Titan Power Breather Smart Flow Series The Ultimate Solution for Superior Machinery Protection

A cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your equipment by maintaining optimal levels of cleanliness and moisture control. As a premier desiccant air breather, this SmartFlow Series sets a new standard in industrial air filtration, ensuring that your machinery operates at peak efficiency.

The SmartFlow™ adapter allows for exhaust of the outflow air prior to entering the breather. This protects the breather from oil mist and system humidity, resulting in longer breather life.

Key Features:

  • SmartFlow Technology: Which allows for dynamic airflow regulation. This intelligent feature ensures that the breather adapts to varying environmental conditions, optimizing the filtration process and maintaining consistent performance over time.
  • Efficient Moisture Control: The desiccant air breather excels in moisture control, preventing the accumulation of water within your equipment. This is particularly crucial in harsh industrial environments where moisture can lead to corrosion, rust, and compromised functionality.
  • Particulate Filtration: It effectively captures particles of various sizes, preventing them from entering your machinery and causing wear and tear. This not only ensures smoother operation but also minimizes the risk of breakdowns and unplanned downtime.
  • Extended Equipment Life: Investing in the Desiccant Breather SmartFlow Series, helps extend the life of critical components, reducing the frequency of replacements and repairs. This not only translates to cost savings but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient operation.
  • Versatility: Whether you operate heavy machinery, hydraulic systems, or other equipment with enclosed reservoirs, the TTI Breather SmartFlow Series is the go-to solution for maintaining cleanliness and moisture control.


Titan-600 SF    1” FNPT, Height: 4,4”, Width: 5.7”, 9.2 fl oz Moist Ret.

 Titan-1100 SF  1” FNPT, Height: 6.5”, Width: 5.7”, 16.9 fl oz Moist Ret.

 Titan-1600 SF  1” FNPT, Height: 8.6”, Width: 5.7”, 24.6 fl oz Moist Ret.

 Titan-2100 SF  1” FNPT, Height: 10.7”, Width: 5.7”, 32.4 fl oz Moist Ret.