TT-BB Desiccant Air Breather

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Product Overview

TTI Power Breather TT-BB Desiccant Power Breather - Sold in Case 0f 6 Units

After accumulating over 18 years of experience in safeguarding lubricants and equipment against moisture and particulate damage, ROYAC highly recommends the TT-BB Desiccant Air Breather. This advanced desiccant breather extends service cycles and equipment life, resulting in lower lifetime operating costs.

The key feature of this power desiccant air breather is its 3 Micron Absolute air filter, which prevents solid particles from infiltrating and damaging equipment. The filter is made from high-quality materials that can withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures, ensuring its effectiveness for a long time.

Apart from the filter, this desiccant air breather features specially formulated silica gel that has nearly 20% more moisture-holding capacity than other leading brands. This means that it can absorb more moisture and prevent it from damaging lubricants and equipment, ensuring greater confidence in the equipment's longevity.


  1. Gearboxes
  2. Hydraulic systems and Hydraulic Oil Tanks
  3. Fuel Tanks
  4. Totes/Drums
  5. Transformer

It outperforms other leading desiccant breathers, with a 10% more significant volume of silica gel and 20% more moisture-holding capacity.


  1. Height: 4.3"
  2. Width: 2.52"
  3. Connection a 3/8” Sure-Fit (NPT, BSPP, BSPT)
  4. Adsorption 1 oz. adsorption cap
  5. Flow rate a maximum flow rate of 4.6 @ 1 psi.


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