PowerGuard Hydraulic Filter Element TT16-8-10V

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Introducing PowerGuard TT16-8-10V Hydraulic Filter Element

Your Best Choice for Protecting Hydraulic Equipment in Harsh Environments.

Experience top-tier filtration performance with  PowerGuard TT16-8-10V hydraulic filter element line, proudly produced in the USA using premium USA and German materials. Leveraging 58 years of filter manufacturing expertise from FG Industrial Filtration (Formerly Mahle), TTI brings you the cutting-edge PowerGuard product line tailored for the North American marketplace.


  • 435 PSID collapse pressure.
  • 50 PSID change out recommended
  • 250°F (121°C) maximum operating temperature


  • Length: 6.85”
  • OD: 2.75”
  • ID: 1.34
  • Filter Rating (Micron): 10 Absolute
  • Replace: Hydac 1250491

Why Choose PowerGuard TT16-8-10V?

  • Superior Filtration Performance: TT16-8-10V Dual Phase Microglass media ensures world-class filtration performance. Achieving Beta 1000 efficiencies, our filters capture even the tiniest particles, safeguarding your hydraulic equipment.
  • Extended Filter Life: The innovative Dual Phase technology, combined with a built-in pre-filter layer and a VITON seal, significantly extends the filter's lifespan. This exceptional feature reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving you time and maintenance costs.
  • Minimize Initial Pressure Drops: PowerGuard TT16-8-10V's design optimizes efficiency by minimizing initial pressure drops. Enjoy uninterrupted workflows and enhanced equipment performance with improved flow rates.

Protect Your Hydraulic Equipment in Harsh Environments:

In partnership with ROYAC, an authorized Partner of TTI, we understand the challenges your hydraulic equipment faces in harsh environments. That's why PowerGuard TT16-8-10V is your ultimate solution to control hydraulic oil contamination effectively. Don't let harsh conditions compromise your machinery's performance—choose PowerGuard for unmatched protection.

The Perfect Replacement for HYDAC 1250491 Hydraulic Filter:

TT16-8-10V is engineered to be a seamless replacement for HYDAC 1250491 Hydraulic Filter models. Experience a hassle-free installation and compatibility you can trust. When you choose PowerGuard TT16 serie, you choose reliability and efficiency.

The PowerGuard TT16-8-10V Advantage:

  • Unbeatable Filtration: Achieve world-class filtration performance with Beta 1000 efficiencies.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Extend your filter's lifespan and reduce maintenance expenses.
  • Designed for Durability: PowerGuard TT16-8-10V is built to withstand harsh environments, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Trusted Partnership: ROYAC, an authorized Partner of TTI, collaborates to provide you with the best filtration solutions.
  • Protect Your Investment: Shield your hydraulic equipment from contaminants, prolonging its lifespan and maximizing productivity.

Upgrade to PowerGuard TT16-8-10V with VITON seal and experience the ultimate filtration solution for your hydraulic equipment. With the support of our authorized Partner ROYAC, TTI brings you unparalleled expertise and innovation in every PowerGuard product. Choose reliability, efficiency, and superior protection for your machinery.