PowerGuard Filter Element TT626-36-25B

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PowerGuard TT626-36-25B Filter Element Replaces Pall HC2618FKT36H, Pall HC2618FMT36H, Parker 933921, Parker 933921Q, Hypro HP102L3625MB, Hydac 70136R25BN2625, Hydac H636020BN2625

25 micron Beta 1000 BUNA Gaskets

POWERGUARD TT626 Series Filter line is produced in the USA using USA and German materials. TTI has leveraged 58 years of Filter manufacturing expertise of FG Industrial Filtration (Formerly Mahle) to deliver the PowerGuard product line to the North American marketplace. TTI’s Dual Phase Microglass media provides world class filtration performance. The Dual Phase technology provides Beta 1000 efficiencies with a built-in pre-filter layer to extend filter life and reduce initial pressure drops.


  • 150 PSID collapse pressure
  • 50 PSID change out recommended
  • 250 F (121 C) maximum operating temperature
  • Dual Phase, dual laminated microglass media reinforced with epoxy coated mesh
  • Buna Gaskets
  • Length: 36.000
  • Outer Diameter: 6.000
  • Inner Diameter: 2.630
  • Filter Type: Dual Phase Microglass



Top Applications                            Top Industries

• Power Generation                        • Gas Turbines – Turbine Oil
• Pulp & Paper                                • Oil Purification Systems
• Steel Mills                                     • Vacuum Dehydrators
• Mining                                           • Diesel Fuel Purification Systems


The filter media is the most critical component through which particulate retention is accomplished. For the
multitudes of fluids and applications, TTI has developed and offers a range of filtration media. This allows
elements to be manufactured in a broad range of filtration capabilities to suit these applications.
TTI depth filters consist of Dual Phase media for the treatment of oils, lubricants, flame retardant liquids, fuels,
and synthetic liquids. Our Dual Phase microglass is available in ratings of 1μm, 3μm, 6μm,10μm, and 25μm, Buna-N or Viton seals with high dirt-holding capacity and low pressure drop.