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Harvard Filter Element 5004

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Product Overview

Harvard Filter Element 5004


  • Removes contaminants as low as 1-micron
  • Removes water and particles
  • Does not remove or deplete additives

Used For

  • Gear Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • Other high viscosity oil-based lubricants


Recommended Viscosities

  • **ISO: 460, 680, 1000
  • SAE: N/A

Capacity & Flow Rate

  • Requires 12 Qt./11.4 L. of makeup fluid (housing volume)
  • *Ideal sump range from 5-100 Gal./15.2-378.5 L.
  • Lube 5-11 Gal./15.2-41.6 L.
  • Gear 31-100 Gal./117.3-378.5 L.
  • **Flow rate range from 0-2 GPM/0-7.6 LPM


  • Beta3=250
  • ***Max operating pressure 80 PSI
  • Overall dimensions 10” (H), 7.5” (D)
  • Fits 900098, 900097, 900319
  • Used with petroleum or synthetic fluids


  • **Flow rates are established using ISO 460-1000 viscosity oils at the standard 40° C/104° F and are subject to vary
  • *Viscosity, operating temperature, and generated contamination will affect sizing and flow rates of filtration equipment
  • Most applications, elements need to be changed between 500-1000 hours for optimal performance, ideally change the element when the flow is half the starting flow or the PSI is double the starting PSI
  • The max dirt & water capacities are determined when the flow is reduced by half the original flow (this is the optimal operating condition)
  • ***High pressure option up to 3000 PSI, part # 900319
  • **For high viscosity oils, the oil must be heated in order to obtain flow