Enhancing Equipment Longevity Using Desiccant Breathers

Posted by Roberto Schnakofsky on Jul 25, 2023

Enhancing Equipment Longevity Using Desiccant Breathers

How Desiccant Breathers Protect Against Lubricant Contamination and Moisture Damage


In challenging work conditions where perfect environments are rare, equipment operators understand the significant impact of lubricant contamination. Contaminants can degrade lubricants and cause severe damage to machines. One particular offender is moisture or water vapor, which can accumulate in lubricating oils and lead to various equipment problems. At Royac, we offer innovative Desiccant Breathers designed to safeguard your equipment from harmful moisture and contaminants, ensuring longer-lasting and more reliable machinery.

The Dangers of Moisture Contamination:

Water molecules can wreak havoc on industrial equipment over time, making it essential for maintenance personnel to protect gearboxes, turbines, and hydraulic systems from moisture-induced damage. While preventing moisture intrusion isn't always straightforward, doing so can reduce downtime, labor costs, and the need for frequent oil and component replacements. Desiccant breathers provide a cost-efficient solution to combat these moisture and contamination issues, significantly minimizing equipment failures.

How Desiccant Breathers Prolong Equipment Life:

At the heart of a desiccant breather is a container filled with silica gel desiccant, which attracts and retains water. Working in tandem with filter media like micro-glass, the breather captures water and contaminants before they can enter the machinery's system and cause harm. The clever design of the desiccant breather prevents moisture and particulate contaminants from entering fluid reservoirs or storage tanks during thermal contraction, expansion, and pressure changes.

Combatting Dust and Contaminants:

Severe dust and dirt contamination can have disastrous consequences. The desiccant breather's filtration system ensures that even the tiniest abrasive particles as small as less than 1 micron are trapped, preventing damage to equipment. Moreover, the breather's drying capabilities are enhanced by vent holes, making it effective in a wide range of environments, from dusty to humid.

Promoting a Cleaner Working Environment:

In addition to protecting equipment, desiccant breathers also play a vital role in reducing pollution in the working environment. By capturing oil mist and preventing its release, these breathers significantly contribute to a cleaner and healthier workspace.


Royac's comprehensive range of desiccant breathers offers the ideal solution for combating lubricant contamination and moisture-related damage to industrial equipment. Our products are designed to excel even in the most extreme environments, ensuring prolonged equipment service life. The immeasurable maintenance costs associated with lubricant contamination can be mitigated effectively with Royac's innovative solutions.

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