900186 - Portable Double Housing Hyd System | Royac

4 to 5 Weeks
223.00 LBS
$110.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Fluid Type:
Flow Rate (Gallons Per Minute):
1.38 - 6.5
Oil Viscosity:
10, 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150
Make-Up Oil Required (Quarts):
Filter/Element(s) Part Number Reference:
1002, 1004
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Harvard Portable Filter Cart - 900186

Comprehensive solution for maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of your hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Its primary role is to eliminate water and particulate contamination, which are common issues in these systems. By keeping your systems clean, this filter cart helps extend their life and prevent costly repairs.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Pump: Equipped with an 8gpm pump, can filter up to 6.5 gallons of fluid per minute.
  • Robust Construction: Made from welded steel and coated with a weather-resistant paint. Built to last and withstand tough working environments.
  • Versatility: Is not just limited to hydraulic oils. It can also clean turbine oils, engine oils, diesel fuel, cutting fluids, synthetic and oil-based lubricant.
  • Optimal Flow Rate and Oil Viscosity: With a flow rate of 6.5gpm and compatibility with oil viscosities ranging from 10 to 150, it's designed to handle a wide range of fluid types effectively.
  • Service Sump Size: The cart is suitable for sumps ranging from 74 to 680 gallons, offering flexibility for different system sizes.

Benefits of Using the filter cart

  • Eliminates Micro Contaminants: Can remove even the smallest particles that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Removes Water from Oil-Based Liquids: That can lead to issues like corrosion, foaming, and bacterial growth.
  • Easy Make-Up Oil Management: With a 40-quart make-up oil requirement, the system is easy to manage and maintain.

Technical Specifications

  • Fluid Type Compatibility: It works effectively with hydraulic, turbine, engine oil, and diesel fuel.
  • Dimensions: The compact dimensions of 46 x 23 x 23 inches make it easy to maneuver and position in your workspace.
  • Filter Elements: The cart use filter elements with part number references

                                         1002                            1004



  • Hydraulic Oils: Ideal for purifying hydraulic oils used in various machinery and industrial equipment.
  • Turbine Oils: Keeps turbine oils clean, ensuring the efficient operation of turbines in power generation and other applications.
  • Cutting and Coolant Fluids: Essential for maintaining the quality of cutting and coolant fluids in machining and manufacturing processes.
  • Diesel Fuel: Helps in purifying diesel fuel, which is crucial for the smooth operation of diesel-powered machinery.