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Product Overview

Ultrasolve Bio-Based Degreaser SI58UD5.

Boosts methyl ester's cleaning power by adding a surfactant and making the solvent rinsible with water. Ultrasolve Bio-Based Degreaser SI58UD5 cleans and protects surfaces by removing oil and grease leaving a corrosion resistant barrier if desired. Parts can be wiped dry, wet wiped or rinsed off with water as per finishing requirements. UltraSolve is 250% stronger than mineral spirits with a 75 Kb value vs. mineral spirits 30 Kb value (Kb or Kauri-Butanol value measures a solvent's "cleaning-horsepower", the higher the better).

SSI Biobased UltraSolve adds safety to the workplace with low VOC emissions and a FlashPoint greater than 140°F . SSI Biobased UltraSolve is great as a biobased replacement for more hazardous solvents such as mineral spirits.

Ultrasolve SI58UD5 Bio-Based Degreaser is:


  • Low HAP
  • Not an Ozone Depleting Solvent
  • Does not contribute to Global Warming
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Aluminum Safe
  • Renewable & Sustainable