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Rebuilt Kit TT-RS-3-RK for TT-RS-3 Stainless Steel Power Breather - 3% Discount - Free Shipping

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Rebuild Kid  TT-RS-3-RK for TT-RS-3 Stainless Steel Power Breather


Rebuildable Breather Components

1-Pleated Filter Cartridge
Pleated microglass filter cartridge captures airborne contaminants to 1 micron absolute.

Silica gel strips moisture from incoming air.

3-Sight Glass Indicator
Silica gel changes color from blue to pink when the unit requires rebuilding.

4-Air Vents
Removable stickers keep breather inactive until installation.

5-Integrated Standpipe
Open-flow construction provides negligible resistance to air flow and allows oil mist to coalesce and drain back into the reservoir.

6-Foam Pad
Polymeric foam filter pad captures large particulate, attracts and absorbs oil, and disperses incoming air evenly across the filter cartridge and desiccant media.

7-Easy to Replace Desiccant Bag
Polypropylene bag has handles for easy removal.

8-Rugged Housing
Robust 304 SS construction eliminates chance of corrosion in high humidity environments.