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Lift Station Degreaser SI58LT5 With Citrus Aroma - 5gl. Pail - Free Shipping

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Product Overview

Soy Based Lift Station Degreaser With Citrus Aroma

  • Dissolve heavy grease and fat accumulation
  • Float on the surface, works as the level of the wastewater rise and fall
  • Creates and odor barrier
  • Keeps pumps, hoses and walls clean and functioning properly
  • Use approximately 1/2 gallon for every square foot of wastewater surface area
  • Reduce Costs / Does Not Evaporate
  • Safe Product / Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Non-Hazardous
  • Biodegradable. Will not interfere with lift station bacteria

SOYAC Floating Lift Station Degreaser is a non-emulsifying product that floats on the surface of wastewater removing heavy grease deposited on the lift station walls.  SOYAC Floating Lift Station Degreaser removes most sewer odors and gases caused by vertical buildup of grease, fat, sewage and soap.